Our Story

The Cordina story began with college buddies, Craig Cordes and brothers Antonio and Sal La Martina. On a beach trip away from their native New Orleans they sat enjoying the sun and sand, but lamenting the rapid pace at which their frozen drinks were reduced to liquid. In addition to melting quickly, there was the hassle of premixing the cocktail, blending it, transferring the concoction into a pitcher and lugging that out to the beach. There had to be an easier way! It was then they noticed a youngster frolicking in the sand while sipping on a juice pouch, and lo and behold, the bright light of ingenuity flashed. They quickly agreed that adults could use these portable pouches for their own “juice” and the idea for an easy, on-the-go cocktail in a pouch was born. It turned out to be the best beach innovation since the invention of the cooler.

Naming the company Cordina (a mix of their last names), the three began their foray into the beverage world with a classic lime “Mar-GO-rita.” The goal…to make a delicious beverage as good as the high-quality cocktails served in The Big Easy, while also making it as accessible to their customers as possible. The Mar-GO-rita was a huge success and Cordina’s innovative re-sealable packaging won the beverage industry’s top award for functionality. The Mar-GO-rita was soon followed by the Strawberry Daiq-GO-ri and Pina-GO-lada. In 2012, a new Watermelon Mar-GO-rita debuted as well as the Choc-GO-late, which is patterned after a Mudslide.

What’s in store for the future? The Cordina team is working hard to bring all of our tasty flavors nationwide because no one should be denied a delicious, on-the-go cocktail alternative. So, stay tuned, grab a Cordina and raise your pouch!

separation Cordina Pouches Go Big

When it comes to a cocktail, we think you’d agree that bigger is better. And hey, at 12.7 oz. we’re serving up more big-time fun than any of our competitors.

Go Further

With natural flavors and a 6% alcohol base, you’ll find Cordina is far and away better tasting than most other pre-mixed cocktails.

Go Easy

There’s no mixing or stirring, just pop the cap, punch in the straw and you’re ready to go. And with varieties like Mar-GO-rita, Daiq-GO-ri, Pina-GO-lada, and Choc-GO-late, there’s a flavor for everyone.

Go Topless

We know going topless can be fun, but it’s always nice to have the option of putting your top back on. Cordina is the only pouch beverage that can be re-sealed if not fully consumed. But we’ll be honest, they’re so delicious, that rarely happens.

Go Authentic

Born in New Orleans, Cordina carries on the city’s spirit and dedication to real, authentic, flavorful cocktails. One taste and you’ll be hooked.